Space, Health & Hydrogen zones in November

We’ve decided the 3 zones that will run in I’m a Scientist this November. Choosing the zones is important as we need to make sure the topics are relevent to the curriculum, and that there are scientists researching in that area! So we’ve gone for:

  • Space Zone
  • Health Zone
  • Hydrogen Zone

The Hydrogen Zone isn’t just for scientists working with hydrogen, but is a general zone, named after the first element in the period table. The 5 scientists in this zone will be working across all areas of science, rather than all researching round the zone theme like the other 2 zones.

The Space Zone is sponsored by the European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO), who use space as a theme to inspire and engage young people in Science, Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects. We’ve run space zones in the UK event before which have gone down really well with students.

To decide on the third zone we asked teachers to vote on what themed zone they would like to see. Energy, Radioactive and Health zones were all very popular and we’re going with a Health Zone, providing a contrast to the Space Zone. This will contain any scientists researching on health – it’s pretty broad.

Teachers, register to take part here

Scientists, apply here

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