Thank you for all the support

We’ve been overwhelmed by all the support for I’m a Scientist, Ireland. A big thank you to everyone who has spread the word.

Alumni scientists have been tweeting and blogging about I’m a Scientist coming to Ireland, with some even signing up to take part again.

Teacher Humphrey Jones from St. Colomba’s College, Dublin wrote a lovely post on the Frog Blog about I’m a Scientist coming to Ireland, that sums up what I’m a Scientist is about perfectly.

And it’s not just people who’ve taken part before who’ve been supportive. Thank you to everyone who’s tweeted, written about & talked about I’m a Scientist to friends, colleagues and anyone who might be interested. It worked.

We were oversubscribed with scientists wanting to take part, and nearly all of the class spaces have been filled (teachers can still sign up for the last few spaces). You can see who’s taking part in November in this post.



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