Day 2 – Flamingoes, Evolution, Parasites.. oh my!

photo taken by Aaron Logan (Wikimedia)

Today was all about experiments gone wrong, accidents, gross laboratory stories and a lot of flamingo talk (thanks to Eileen from the Hydrogen Zone). So far there have been 222 questions approved and 51 live chats booked for the event so far, and it’s only the second day!

Here’s a snippet of what went on in a couple of the livechats today:

amazingaoife123 : whats the most dangerous thing that happened to you
endaoconnell : @amazingaoife123 A student spilled a really nasty chemical on me once, but I was wearing a lab coat so i was ok. He wasn’t and got some on his clothes so he had to strip off in the lab!
jeanbourke : @amazingaoife I’ve accidentally breathed in some stuff I really shouldn’t have and had to go sit in the fresh air for a while. We’ve had a lot of dangerous stuff happen but because we are careful and follow safety guidelines nothing bad has actually happened to any of us.

amazingaoife123 : @tim does any thing live on us
timdowning : @amazingaoife123 so many things! We even have tiny mites that live on our eyelashes!

There are loads more live chats booked for the rest of the week, all of which you can watch live, if you’re not already taking part!

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