Day 3 – Midweek mayhem!

The live chats were nice and fast today, there were so many questions, especially in the Hydrogen Zone live chats.. We were desperately trying to grab as many snippets as we could, here are a couple of great ones from the students:

Image by Crux on Wikimedia

sineadgarvin : why do some people write with there left hand and others with there right hand?
andrewjackson : @sineadgarvin. nice question! the reason is that our right hand brain controls the left side of our body, and the left side of the brain our right side of our body. Most people have a side of their brain that is slight better at doing fine movements such as writing. About 9 out of 10 people are dominant with their right hand

traceymoran2 : how do scientist know how to make a flu vaccine if viruses can be different each year?
andrewjackson : @traceymoran2 wow… nice question. The answer is they dont. They guess, and they try to predict which flu viruses will be most common each year by studdying the patterns in the past. Then then usually make a mixture of a vaccine that covers the most likely

Unfortunately no one answered this age old conundrum.. aoifegarvin1 : why cant people tickle themselves? So I guess, we’ll just never know.

We also put through lots more questions, here are your specially selected ones for the day:

Here’s what kevin Lomasney, Health Zone scientist had to say about the event so far: “Questions are great, some are tough and I find myself learning some new things!“!

There are loads more live chats booked for the rest of the week, all of which you can watch live, if you’re not already taking part!

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