Day 4 – And then the questions started..!

The live chats today were busy! We had 9 live chats with a bombardment of follow up questions coming through ASK. We’re also really excited about how much the students have been commenting, it’s really encouraging to know that the scientists hard work (answering all the questions) is paying off. Good work students!

U2 photo by JD554 on WikiMedia

patoleary : why dont girls voices change when they get older and boys do?
paulhiggins : @pat the vocal cords are like a guitar string, it is like you are holding your finger low on the neck to make a high note, and as you get older the finger moves down the neck and makes a lower sound. I think it is do to testosterone, which girls have different amounts of than boys
davidmckeown : Low level of hormones in girls makes their voice box stretch less as they get older compared to boys

cliodhna27 : why do we have fingernails…? @jeanbourke
jeanbourke : @cliodhna It protects the tip of your fingers and can help you hold things but pressing on the back of your finger (so your finger isn’t all floppy).

And a couple of unanswered questions..
mgrant729: These technologies sound expensive how will those on low incomes afford such technologies?
laurafoley99 : can you break a bone a space?
nmcpolin723: Have you ever been to a U2 concert?

There are loads more live chats booked for the rest of the week, all of which you can watch live, if you’re not already taking part!

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