Day 8 – Rainbows, furs and why do we have 5 fingers?

Rainbow by Saperaud on WikiMedia

It’s the second day of evictions, which means we’ve lost 3 more scientists *wails in the street*.. A big thank you to Colin in Space, Kev in Health and Shane in Hydrogen, you all did really well, but unfortunately we have to say goodbye.

    jeanbourke: To be honest it’s not that I want to win, I just don’t want to leave coz this is so much fun!
    Who will be going tomorrow? Have you voted? Why haven’t you voted? You need to vote! Do it now!
    Again, it was a little quiet on the live chat front, although the staffroom was busy with scientists mocking the moderators (the nerve!), despite knowing full well that it’s not just students who can be banned!

aaroncooke1234 : @aggelos Did you ever use science in real life?
aggeloszacharopoulos : @aaroncooke1234, yes… I tried to use my knowledges of how we slide on ice to avoid falling from my bicycle…. I still fell but at least I was prepared

ilovetulisa : why do people have skin instead of fur
endaoconnell : @ilovetulisa animals have skin too. it’s just covered in fur in some. we lost our fur millions of years ago probably because it was easier to hunt in hot climates with less fur
jeanbourke : @ilovetulisa We didn’t need the fur as we started using artificial fur in the form of animal skins and other such things. It mean less cleaning and less fleas so over time we got rid of the fur. Warmth was another reason, you can’t take off fur but you can take off a jacket.

hb990611 : why do we have 5 fingers?
jeanbourke : @hb No one really knows exactly why we have 5 fingers but we can make some guesses such as the best number to balance with and hold things properly. There are many things about our evolution that we can only guess at. 5 is a handy number thought:look at starfish, it’s been around a while
timdowning : @hb990611 – or 8 perhaps it’s a reflection of evolutionary redundancy – eg if you lost one with 8, it doesn’t matter as much. However, we have multiple fingers because originally they were toes to support us walking

Hey, there’s still two days left, so why not book a live chat for your class?

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