Day 9 – It’s the final countdown…

Oh no,  we’ve had to say goodbye to even more scientists today; from the Hydrogen Zone it was Aggelos, from the Health Zone it was Tim and from the Space Zone it was Arlene. Thank you so much for taking part guys, you did amazingly well and answered so many questions.  There are only 6 scientists left now.. The final 6! Have you read their profiles? Who is your favourite? Why do you think they should win the event?

endaoconnell: I get a phone call from my mum every evening to see if I’m still in it! (Awwww)

leahyxo : why can we hear around corners but not see around them !???
paulhiggins : leahyxo wow! great questikon. sound waves bounce so they can get to you around corners. light waves bounce, but they scatter, so you know if there is light around a corner, but you dont know what it is (you cant see an image)

ainexo : why can native indians put an ear to the ground to hear galloping horses in the distance
davidmckeown : ainexo They can hear the vibrations that travel through the ground. Great question

ciaramolloy : jean and enda if you could have any illness or diesese what diese would ya have ??
jeanbourke : @ciara synesthesia it’s were your senses are a bit mixed up. You see sounds and hear colours and things like that. You still have your normal senses, you just end up with strange associations. I wonder what it would be like

roisinc : can skin melt ?
jeanbourke : @roisin skin can’t melt but the fatty layer underneath can. Just like with bacon

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