Day Three: Flying shoes, the passage of time, and life in space

The third day of I’m a Scientist: Get me out of here! is just about done with, the scientists — we’re sure — will be answering questions late into the night, but for now, let’s take a look at what happened today.

Flight was the main topic of conversation in the Helium Zone live chats today, where adamdaly was particularly interested in whether we will one day have flying cars, or flying shoes.

[Cars] could yes, and some prototypes already can! … Don’t know about shoes, but jetpacks have existed for decades, though they’re WAY too expensive.

20131113 Shane

Elsewhere in the Helium zone, leahdoyle123 wondered, “Where does time go?”: it’s all down to relativity.

In the Space Zone students have been thinking about life, living in space. David246 wanted to know what an astronaut’s suit is made from, and why that material; danniella1588, meanwhile was wondering what dietary adjustments you might need to make if travelling out of this world: “what do you eat up in space?”

20131113 LNR

We’ve a full two weeks of I’m a Scientist: Get me out of here! to go, with plenty more live chats booked, and many more answers to come. Check back for more updates.

We’d like to thank Science Foundation Ireland for providing funding for the event; as well as the Institute of Physics in Ireland for funding the Nanotechnology Zone, and ESERO Ireland for funding the Space Zone.

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