I’m a Scientist November 2016: Who’s taking part?

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Map of schools taking part in November’s I’m a Scientist

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here is back! In November students at over 50 schools all over Ireland will be interacting with 25 scientists across 5 different zones.

Between 7th – 18th November school students will put the scientists through their paces in fast-paced live chats and probing questions on everything from light, to mutations, to the creation of new materials.

For the latest news and announcements about the event, find us on Twitter, @imascientist, and follow the hashtag, #IASIE

Let’s meet the scientists and schools taking part…

Light Zone

This zone is funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

The Scientists

Steven Davitt | PhD Student, NCPST DCU

I fire lasers at things and look at the light from the explosions

Saoirse McCrann | PhD Student, Dublin Institute of Technology

I want to combat shortsightedness in children and teenagers! I aim to prevent shortsightedness and stop it getting worse so you will not have to wear glasses to see distance tasks like the board in school.

Pramod Kumar | Postdoctoral, University College Cork

I’m trying to understand what super fast lasers do on a very small scale so we can use them in future technology.

Moises Jezzini | PhD Student, Tyndall

Helping Electrons and Photons be friends

Dervil Cody | Postdoctoral, Dublin Institute of Technology

I work in a laser laboratory where we make holograms which can be used for lots of different things including as gas detectors, security holograms on passports, and even in solar power!

The Schools

  • Barnaderg Central School, Galway
  • Garrafrauns Central School, Galway
  • Newport Central, Mayo
  • Our Lady of Mercy GNS, Tipperary
  • Our Lady of Mercy N S, Sligo
  • S N Baile Ui Ghiblin, Cork
  • S N Domhnach Padraig, Galway
  • S N Gort Na Huaighe, Tipperary
  • S N Naomh Lorcain, Kildare
  • Scoil Ailbhe, Tipperary
  • St Mary’s Parish Primary School, Louth
  • St Molaga Senior N S, Dublin

Mutation Zone

This zone is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

The Scientists

Thomas McLoughlin | Environmental Protection Agency

I am responsible for regulating Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in Ireland.

Sinead Loughran | Lecturer, Dundalk Institute of Technology

I love my job teaching science at DkIT and solving questions about cancer as a cancer researcher.

Sebastian Gornik | Postdoctoral, NUI Galway

I want to find out how and why simple animals, for example jellyfish, can heal and regrow their bodies much better than humans after getting injured.

Monica Flaherty | Tallaght Hospital

I am a medical scientist working in a Microbiology Laboratory in a large teaching Hospital, and I investigate what bacteria or viruses are causing infections in the patients.

Emma Roycroft | PhD Student, Trinity College, Dublin

Trying to figure out why tuberculosis becomes resistant to the drugs used to treat it, by studying its DNA.

The Schools

  • Coláiste Bhaile Chláir, Galway
  • Coláiste Lorcain, Kildare
  • Community College Dunshaughlin, Meath
  • Gaelscoil Na Cruaiche, Mayo
  • Loreto Secondary School, Donegal
  • Presentation  De La Salle College, Carlow
  • S N Cill Muire, Clare
  • Santa Sabina Dominican College, Dublin
  • St Caimin’s Community School, Clare
  • St Paul’s, Galway

New Materials Zone

This zone is funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The Scientists

Matthew Kitching | Lecturer, Dublin City University

I try and make tins of tartan paint from chemicals that can pattern themselves.

Louise McGrath | PhD Student, Tyndall National Institute

I must design and build a teeny tiny battery (less than 1mm in size) that is very powerful, safe to use, and environmentally friendly!

Conor Cullen | PhD Student, Trinity College Dublin

I make the thinnest possible materials (2D materials) in a furnace to hopefully use them in future technology.

Brian Caffrey | PhD Student, University College Dublin

I work with tiny particles and study how they talk with cells, we try and trick cancer cells into taking these poisonous particles in to kill them.

Aoife Lucid | PhD Student, Trinity College Dublin

I use high powered computers to simulate chemistry experiments on solid materials, so that these materials can be used to help solve the energy crisis.

The Schools

  • Cistercian College, Tipperary
  • Community School, Kilkenny
  • Grange Community College, Dublin
  • Mount Sackville Secondary School, Dublin
  • North Wicklow Eduate Together Secondary School, Bray
  • St Colman’s College, Cork
  • St Joseph Of Cluny Secondary School, Dublin
  • St Vincent’s Secondary School, Cork

Smart Data Zone

This zone is funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

The Scientists

Mike Whitfield | Postdoctoral, Trinity College Dublin

I use computers to predict how growing different crops could make climate change better, or worse.

Julio Gutierrez | PostdoctoralTyndall National Institute

I use computer simulations to understand the behaviour of materials.

Jaine Blayney | Lecturer, Queens University Belfast

I use mathematics and computing to find patterns in biology that can help a doctor choose which is the best treatment for a cancer patient.

David Concannon | Africa Health Research Institute

I use data visualisation to help target HIV health care in South Africa.

Annette Neil | St John’s Hospital, Limerick

I train Nurses and Doctors how to how to use small portable devices that will give a blood test result within a few minutes.

The Schools

  • Blessington Community College, Wicklow
  • Coláiste an Chraoibhin, Cork
  • Coláiste Chill Mhantáin, Wicklow
  • Gaelscoil Na Cruaiche, Mayo
  • Gallen Community School, Offlay
  • Margaret Aylward Community College, Dublin
  • O’Carolan College, Meath
  • S N Naomh Colmain, Kilkenny
  • St David’s N S, Dublin

Oxygen Zone

This zone is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

The Scientists

Roisin Jones | PhD Student, University College Cork

I make tiny amounts of drugs that are illegal (I have a license, I swear: I’m no Walter White!) to figure out how criminals are making them, so I can tell the police how to track people ordering suspicious supplies!

Michel Destrade | Professor, NUI Galway

I work on the mechanical properties of the human skin: How hard/soft is it, How should it be cut to avoid ugly scars, How much force does it take to pierce it?

Mark Kennedy | PhD Student, University College Cork

I work on seeing what happens when some of the most energetic and destructive objects in the Universe (black holes and neutron stars) come close to stars like our own sun.

Karen Foley | Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital

I work in haematology which means I test your blood when you get blood taken at the doctors.

Gavin Coleman | PhD Student, University College Dublin

I study how proteins (little machines that work in every living thing) change when they bump into tiny manmade particles, to see if they do anything interesting or dangerous.

The Schools

  • Bridgetown College, Wexford
  • Coláiste Bhaile Chláir, Galway
  • Coláiste Chilliain, Dublin
  • Coláiste Chomain, Mayo
  • Eureka Secondary School, Meath
  • Glenstal Abbey School, Limerick
  • Inver College, Monaghan
  • Old Bawn Community School, Dublin
  • Piper’s Hill College, Kildare
  • St Kevin’s Community College, Wicklow
  • St. Mary’s C.B.S., Laois
  • St. Mogue’s College, Cavan
  • The Kings Hospital, Dublin
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