A thank you from your winner, Vincent Monchal 🏆🎉

Vincent Monchal is the winner of the Aluminium Zone, after receiving the most votes from students! He wins €500 to spend on more science engagement activities. Here’s what he had to say about his victory:

First of all, I would like to thank all the scientists, students and their teachers, as well as the I’m a Scientist team who participated and make the Aluminium Zone possible!

I’m very proud to be the winner among such amazing group of scientists and will do all I can to return the favor. I had a great time participating to this initiative and would recommend everybody to participate either as a student or as a scientist. I love doing those kind of events, I even organize some myself but I’m always surprised by the amount and the diversity of great questions you could be asked. It can be just about my life in general to specific points about my specialty showing that science is made by real people and it can be accessible to anyone that is willing to commit on starting this adventure.

That experience was also a great way for me to put my specialty into a different perspective and coming back to the roots of why I became a scientist at the first place: just being curious. If I could have alighted that spark of curiosity in any of the students my mission is already a success. Maybe some of them will not see a rock or a plant the same way now and start the path to become a scientist, we need everyone so they are more than welcome. I hope the scientists of the Aluminium zone have proved that science is essential in everyday life, sometimes without being noticed. Science can be fun as well, it’s an infinite source of wonder that sometimes is not fully understood by the scientist themselves, making room for future generations of scientists which could be motivated by that kind of event.

I will continue on my side to participate and organize those kind of events to give access to science for everyone. I will turn the SFI prize money into a concrete help for students to access science, make them realize how beautiful our Earth is and how we can understand it better with Science (special mention to Geology !).

Thanks everyone again for your commitment and this formidable adventure,
Stay curious and keep asking!

Vincent Monchal

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