Parental Engagement

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Evening chat – students can chat from home with their family
We’re running an extra, after-school chat as an opportunity to involve parents and carers in what you are doing in school. It’s been really popular in previous events, with students keen to introduce their families and friends to the scientists they have been connecting with in class.

Thursday 14th November, 7pm-8pm

How to get students involved

  • Set the chat as homework.
    This is the best way to get your students online. Suggest they log in with a family member, look at the scientists’ profiles together and ask a question in the chat. They just log in as normal and click the CHAT button at the top of the page.
  • Add information to your school newsletter. Suggested wording:
    Some of our students will be chatting online with scientists in their lessons, on the I’m a Scientist website. We are encouraging students to show their parents and carers the site and introduce them to the scientists in an evening live chat, from 7pm-8pm on Thursday 14th November. Parents and carers can meet the scientists and ask them about what it’s like working in STEM.
    If your child is taking part, they will have a login card to access the site. Log in with your child from 7pm and click the CHAT button.