Event Schedule

Click to download a calendar of key dates

Click to download a calendar of key dates

You’re taking part in the next I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here! event — hooray! So… what happens next?

Below is a list of key dates for your diary. You can also download a printable, calendar version of the event schedule.

You’ll need to respond to live chat invitations, fill in your profile and test the chat with us in the staffroom before the event begins.

During the event you’ll receive questions in ASK from students at any time, in addition to attending pre-booked live CHATs.

Evictions begin in the second week of the event and there will also be an evening CHAT for all students in the event to introduce you to their families and friends. Read the Scientist Briefing Notes for the full picture of the event, tips on engagement, and much more.

Key Dates

Monday 8th October

Log into the site from this date to fill in your profile and respond to live chat invitations.

Monday 22nd October

Profiles must be completed by this date.

Site goes live and students will begin logging in to read about your work and send you questions via ASK. Make sure everything is working for you by answering their questions (and the ‘test’ question we send) when you can.

Thursday 1st November, 3-4pm

Test out the live chat in our drop-in session in the staffroom.

It’s a good time to meet the other scientists in your zone and the teachers taking part. We’ll be around to answer any questions you have.

Monday 5th November

Marks the start of the event! Questions will start coming thick and fast this week, and you’ll be getting reminders via email of the live chat bookings. Please comment on each booking to say if you can or cannot attend.

Tuesday 13th November

Every day from this date on, we’ll count up all the votes and announce at 3pm who has received the fewest and is evicted from the competition.

Read more about evictions here. Remember, being evicted just means you’re out of the running for the prize. You can still update your profile and take part in live chats!

Wednesday 14th November, 7-8pm

We open every zone for students to log in from home and take part in a special evening live chat. Students are encouraged to join in with their families and friends, who can also ask you questions.

This a great opportunity to increase parental engagement in STEM subjects. You’re welcome to drop in and out during the hour, and we would love for as many scientists as possible to join us.

Friday 16th November

The final live chat takes place, 12-3pm today! It’s an open chat where scientists and students can drop in and out. It may be busy, it may be quiet, but it’s certainly a chance to gain a few extra votes!

At 3pm the voting closes and the winners of I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here! are announced.