Live Chat

Live chats are consistently the most popular part of the event – for students, for scientists, and even for teachers!

Some useful guidelines:

  • We endeavour to give every class at least one live chat
  • Chats are 30 minutes long
  • We can only run one live chat at a time in each zone, and leave a 10 minute gap in between.
  • We’ll run a maximum of 3 chats per day in each zone
  • The latest you’ll be able to book a live chat is 24 hours in advance – this give the scientists in the zone enough time to let us know if they can or can’t make it.
  • If we can’t find any scientists able to take part in your live chat we will cancel it and let you know as soon as possible.
  • If you request live chats once the event has started we will try to fit them in, but cannot promise anything
  • Please do let us know if for any reason, such as illness, you’re unable to make a live chat. We can then let the scientists know so they can get back to their day jobs!

To see booked live chats filter by zone and/or date below.