Who’s taking part this November 2021?

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here! is back this November.

From 8 November to 3 December, students across Ireland can connect with scientists in the Sustainability Zone and the Magnesium Zone.

For the latest news and announcements about the event, find us on Twitter @imascientist, and follow the hashtag, #IASIE.

Let’s meet the scientists and schools taking part…

Here are just some of the scientists taking part and how they’d describe themselves:


Sustainability Zone ♻

Profile picture of Susan Rea
Susan Rea
Determined, Open Mined, Innovative 💻
Profile picture of Saranya Rameshkumar
Saranya Rameshkumar
Eco-friendly Materials Engineer ♻
Profile picture of Valeria Nico
Valeria Nico
H2O-loving physicist ♒
Profile picture of Alan McGibney
Alan McGibney
Creative, curious and resourceful 👨‍💻
Profile picture of Dominika Krol
Dominika Krol
Helping agriculture become more sustainable 🌽
Profile picture of Belinda Huerta
Belinda Huerta
Cat-loving environmental researcher 😸
Profile picture of Aoife Hill
Aoife Hill
Enthusiastic dog-mom and mathematician 🐶


Magnesium Zone 🔬

Profile picture of Kathryn Yeow
Kathryn Yeow
Studies the chemistry of molecules and enzymes 🧫🧪
Profile picture of Paul Wynne
Paul Wynne
Makes medical devices better 🩺
Profile picture of Sam Seymour
Sam Seymour
Music-loving research assistant 🎶
Profile picture of Pawel Rulikowski
Pawel Rulikowski
Curious mind engineer ⚙
Profile picture of Avion Phillips
Avion Phillips
Bi movie-loving soil scientist 🎥
Profile picture of Danielle Nader
Danielle Nader
Goofy fungi-loving microbiologist 🍄
Profile picture of Peter Milner
Peter Milner
Rock-climbing photonics engineer 🧗‍♂️
Profile picture of Andrew McGovern
Andrew McGovern
The laughing brain scientist 😂
Profile picture of Gaël Lymer
Gaël Lymer
Marine geologist playing Irish whistle ⛵
Profile picture of Mohammadreza Khodashenas
Mohammadreza Khodashenas
Iconoclast, determined, easy and relaxed ☺
Profile picture of Kate Keogh
Kate Keogh
Curious minded geneticist 🧬
Profile picture of Georgiana Ifrim
Georgiana Ifrim
Nature-loving computer scientist 🍂🖥
Profile picture of Dave Healy
Dave Healy
Researches how bacteria affect babies’ health 👶
Profile picture of Erin Harris
Erin Harris
Singing Neuroscientist TikToker 🎤
Profile picture of Maria Giovanna Caruso
Maria Giovanna Caruso
Friendly Italian Neuroscientist 🐭🧠🔬
Profile picture of Ciara Feely
Ciara Feely
Problem solving programmer 👩‍💻
Profile picture of Vincent Emeakaroha
Vincent Emeakaroha
White-hat cybersecurity researcher 💻
Profile picture of Henry Darch
Henry Darch
Neuroscientist 🧠
Profile picture of Daniela Costa
Daniela Costa
Looking at what happens to neurons in Multiple Sclerosis 🧫
Profile picture of Cormac Bracken
Cormac Bracken
Fun-loving guy who improves medicine 💊
Book a live Chat in the Sustainability Zone ❯
Book a live Chat in the in the Magnesium Zone ❯

You can see where the scientists are from on the map below:

Map showing where those taking part are based

We look forward to you joining us in the Magnesium and Sustainability Zones!

Mod Marcia and the I’m a Scientist, Ireland team

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