I’m having problems with the website and getting in to the chat. What should I do?

Lots of problems can be caused by cookies not working on your machine. Make sure cookies are turned on.

You may occasionally not be able to see the latest pages or answers. Usually clicking refresh will sort it out. If not, try clearing the cache (Tools>options>clear cache or clear/delete private data, in most browsers).

There are a few things that are most likely stopping the chat system from working. They are quite techy so you may want to refer your IT support technician to this page:

  1. The chat system uses Javascript. You need to have Javascript enabled and this is normal.
  2. Many schools use net filters based on keywords such as chat. Please ask for www.imascientist.ie to be whitelisted.

Please contact us on +441225 326892 if you’ve checked this and it still doesn’t work.

If you’re still having problems please email support@imascientist.org.uk or visit the staffroom between 9-5 during the event.