Day Two: Flight, moons, and nano-wrinkle cream

The sun is setting on another day of I’m a Scientist: Get me out of here! and here we are again to look at the questions the students have been putting to the scientists.

In the Helium Zone, caoimhecarnmore100 — perhaps inspired by the name of the zone — wondered whether it would be really be possible to create a flying car someday. And from flying to falling: what is it exactly that causes that falling feeling when we wake from a dream, asked leigha1234.

Which planet has the most moons? In the Space Zone today, Jupiter took the record with an incredible 67 confirmed moons answering Luke’s question.

20131112 Eoin

In the Nanotechnology Zone, ktktod wanted to know what the scientists thought to be the biggest breakthrough in nanotechnology had been, while theo wondered how nanotechnologies might affect makeup; will they be able to prevent wrinkles or acne?

We’ve a full two weeks of I’m a Scientist: Get me out of here! to go, with plenty more live chats booked, and many more answers to come. Check back for more updates.

We’d like to thank Science Foundation Ireland for providing funding for the event; as well as the Institute of Physics in Ireland for funding the Nanotechnology Zone, and ESERO Ireland for funding the Space Zone.

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